Rich Wolfe is the number-one selling sports book author in America the last 11 years. Even though he can’t type and does not use a computer or the Internet, Rich has written 42 books, mostly all in the sports area. He usually does not put his name on the cover or the title on the spine of the book, but he does put his cell phone number in each book.

His books have distinctive covers, unusual & plentiful color pictures with a totally different format of short chapters, funny headlines, pertinent trivia, and off-the-wall graffiti which allow him to tap into the reader’s passion for his subject matter.

Rich has written a series of "For____Fans Only" books… 27 books to date. These are books "for the fans written by the fans" of college or professional sports teams. They are all based on nostalgia. People love to reminisce about their childhoods. For many it’s the fondest memories of their lives.

Rich Wolfe is a native of Lost Nation, Iowa, a Notre Dame graduate, and long- time resident of Scottsdale, Arizona.

He is the only person to appear on both Jeopardy and ESPN’s 2-Minute Drill and was the Captain of the winning team in the recent National Sports Team Trivia Championship in St Louis. Wolfe has also done stand-up comedy from Atlanta to Phoenix and given motivational speeches nationwide.

Books by Rich Wolfe:


Remembering Harry Kalas
I Remember Harry Caray
Remembering Jack Buck
I Saw It On the Radio (Vin Scully)
The Real McCoy (Al McCoy, Phoenix Suns announcer)
I Love It, I Love It, I Love It (with Jim Zabel, Iowa announcer)
Ron Santo A Perfect 10


Da Coach (Mike Ditka)
Take This Job and Love It (Jon Gruden)
Oh, What A Knight! (Bob Knight)

College Football

For Nebraska Fans Only
For KU Fans Only
For Mizzou Fans Only
For Notre Dame Fans Only- The New Saturday Bible
For Nebraska Fans Only
For Buckeye Fans Only
For South Carolina Fans Only
For Oklahoma Fans Only
For K-State Fans Only
For Hawkeye Fans Only
For Georgia Bulldog Fans Only
For Clemson Fans Only
For Michigan Fans Only

Pro Football

For Packers Fans Only
For Browns Fans Only
For Broncos Fans Only
For Kansas City Chiefs Fans Only

Pro Baseball

For Yankee Fans Only
For Cubs Fans Only
For Cubs Fans Only- Volume II
For Red Sox Fans Only
For Cardinals Fans Only
For Yankee Fans Only- Volume II
For Phillies Fans Only
For Milwaukee Braves Fans Only
For Mets Fans Only


There’s No Expiration Date on Dreams (Tom Brady)
He Graduated Life with Honors and No Regrets (Pat Tillman)
And the Last Shall be First (Kurt Warner)
Remembering Dale Earnhardt
Tim Russert, We Heartily Knew Ye
Been There, Shoulda Done That (John Daly)
Sports Fans Who Made Headlines
Personal Foul (with Tim Donaghy, former NBA referee)